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Web development and hosting

We offer 2 very distinct web hosting services. This page will describe them and pricing involved. Our Software-As-A-Service means that we can offer the best of both worlds, reliability and freedom from constant crashes, as well as great quality websites!

Web Hosting

Host with us to save you money and to ensure that you can get a reliable service.

We charge our prices because we think that we offer an excellent service and because we think we're better than the competition. We maintain our servers daily, running backups and updating software to the latest version. We even maintain our servers on Christmas day!


Web hosting with support at all times included[1][2]


Web hosting with extended support and 1 hour of development work each month[1][2]

[1]All websites include free server maintenance outwith this maintenance time.
[2]Maintenance or changes to a website can be paid for at £50/hour.

Price (monthly)
Top-class website design and consultation
Phone support
Access to the Jambour Portal
30 minutes of content changes each month
30 minutes development time each month
Extended support (includes support with third-party services*)
Included storage

*Third party services include Mailgun, GoDaddy,, G Suite

Whilst we do not provide web mail, nor do we provide support for it, we have many recommendations for great services that do exactly that.

With regards to domain name registration fees, Jambour Digital will pay those if you choose us to setup and control your domain. We continue you to own your website and provide it as software-as-a-service (SaaS). If you want the flexibility of owning and managing your own domain you will have to pay for it yourself.

Web Development

We build websites on demand. Our hourly rate is £50/hour.

When we build a website for you, then you must host with us too. This allows us to maintain and manage the site better as well as tailor it better and develop it faster. Another major benefit is the deep integration within our webserver that you will receive by hosting on our server.

We offer discounts on web hosting based on the size of the site being developed. Please contact us to find out more about this.

We do not just drop in a WordPress site as this goes against our morals! (we believe that the best websites are those that are built from the foundations up)

All of our websites are built with responsive designs, using the latest CSS features as well as many backward compatible features, HTML5 and PHP7 (as well as other server side languages).

The following are example website packages that we have provided in the past:


A basic website whose content changes once or twice a year with up to 15 pages.


A website with a content management system that allows the user to change content themselves.


A website which has a content management system and an a built in back end webapp for managing other things[2] as well as an ecommerce platform.

[1] this is a limited offer
[2] in this example, a members' database for a golf course.

Standard (most popular)
Number of pages
Content added for you
Sitemap generation and Google notified of website
Constant consultation and check ins with development team
Support for multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop etc.)
Deep integration with Jambour Digital's servers and services
Content management system
Online shop (ecommerce)

*Unlimited is limited to the amount of storage space selected under the hosting package. Unlimited pages also refers to the amount of pages that can be added by the user - not by the development team.

The full package

The service we offer is both website development and website hosting together. You cannot get one or the other.

Simply put, the reasons for this are as follows:

  • 'Toxic' websites can bring a server down and damage other customers' websites. By not choosing to host any old website, the servers remain in good standing.
  • By hosting websites we build, maintenance is much easier.

Pricing works as outlined above, but there are two types of pricing:

  • Building of a website - this cost covers the development of a website, including addition of content. The hourly rate is £50.
  • Web hosting - this covers the hosting of a website (basically making it available to everyone on the web) and the maintenance of the server. There are two rates as outlined above.

Digital marketing

We also have a range of skills in digital marketing, which of course ties in with our web development skills.