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EventPanel Pro, also known as GolfPanel Pro is our first major product release. After having the absolute pleasure of developing a website for another former pupils' golf club we are delighted to have modularised the part of the website that was so sought after, the event management system.

The event management system became known as GolfPanel Pro and now as a modular component called EventPanel Pro. By modularising the original panel, we can very quickly deploy another one for a fresh website. 

eventpanel pro

We issued a statement to our clients in mid-March outlining our strategy for dealing with the situation regarding COVID-19. 

Our concise plan shows how we plan to minimise direct contact where possible and utilise tools such as Google Meet and Zoom for video calling. These were already in place since we started using these services with clients this time last year.

We also set out our plans regarding new clients in which we stated that we would be keeping new clients to a minimum. 

Further to this, we set out a client package that we can use to assist with payments during this difficult time. Through this package, clients can put websites into a downstate meaning that they remain with us but would not have to pay monthly fees until they are back on their feet. We also recognise that several clients will be continuing business as normal, including Jambour Digital. 

We are here to help our clients remain active but more importantly safe during this tough time. 

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The Anniversary Deal is a unique opportunity to celebrate us operating for one year by getting yourself a free website for six months!

What we are offering is the hosting of our next customer's website for free for 6 months. Once the website has been developed and is ready to go live, you will have 6 months of free hosting to enjoy!

Now you tell me that's not a good deal?!


With regards to our hosting, it is, and always has been, of paramount importance that we offer the best service we can. As a side effect of this, we charge higher than many shared hosts for our monthly fee but we feel it's a justified price based on what we offer.

When I started to develop my own plans to move from the bog standard shared hosting packages I had used in past, I thought much about running my own server and how it would prevent my site from being down so often.

Our business is all about providing reliability for our customers as well as an excellent customer service and final product. However, I want to mention in this post our business model. We've mentioned in our blog before that we also can reduce costs for our clients by gaining more clients - we're prepared to help them as much they help us. We work on a system of the more clients the less we need to charge.

So if you want a business that puts clients at the centre of it's business model, look no further than Jambour Digital.


This is your last chance to get free development of your website and 3 months of hosting for free too as we will stop this package at the end of the year. This includes a website of up to 5 static pages. You can take this offer and upgrade to a more expensive package later, too.

We are very proud to be able to offer this package due to a better than average year for the company, and we're looking to get more clients in the new year and expand. Remember, the more clients we get the cheaper we can make things for them!

We've recently been reviewing our hosting packages and we're happy to announce we are now offering a completely new one to new customers. The new package is extremely competitive and offers free website development for up to five pages. As well as this, we're offering three months for free as part of the package! This is one heck of a deal and is only available for the remainder of the year.

Grab it now while you can!

new 2018 website package

Be it a transaction that involves thousands of dollars or a simple login to a website, these kind of things should be kept completely secure. Heck even just viewing a website should be encrypted. This is done with SSL certificates.

As a result, Google has made it harder for unsecure websites that just use HTTP to gain popularity. Chrome now flags unsecure websites as standard which means that unless the site uses HTTPS, Chrome will notify you by displaying "Not Secure" on the URL bar when you visit the page. You can read more at

Jambour Digital offers SSL on all websites so you don't have to worry about that!

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Starting from July 1st 2018, our opening hours for support will change. You will still be able to leave voicemails on the system at the normal times.

The following is the current list of support hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 20.00
  • Friday: 14.00 - 15.00
  • Saturday: 10:00 - 12:30
  • Sunday: Closed all day

In an emergency when we are closed (and only when we are closed), please send us an email. Please also note, that these hours will change again in August.

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I'm happy to announce that we have now moved from G Suite to Mailgun for our mail. I was very close to changing to running a Postfix mail server from the web server but after having a think, Mailgun seemed like a better option.

For users of the server, this means mail comes from the email address or the emaill address.

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It's also not often I talk about server upgrades because they are often just done in the background. Today I rebuilt the server from the ground up in a new virtual machine and running on Ubuntu 18.04.

As a result, we also now use PHP 7.2. I have also increased maximum file upload sizes to 50MB for all users.

I know PHP gets a lot of criticism (particularly from people who like other languages) but I still strongly believe in PHP as I have done since I began to learn it, even though several websites I work on are moving to other languages such as RoR. I didn't choose to stand by PHP because it was what I was learning or it was forced on me, I chose it because I genuinely believe PHP fits the specification for a backend language.

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