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Jambour Blog

With regards to our hosting, it is, and always has been, of paramount importance that we offer the best service we can. As a side effect of this, we charge higher than many shared hosts for our monthly fee but we feel it's a justified price based on what we offer.

When I started to develop my own plans to move from the bog standard shared hosting packages I had used in past, I thought much about running my own server and how it would prevent my site from being down so often.

Our business is all about providing reliability for our customers as well as an excellent customer service and final product. However, I want to mention in this post our business model. We've mentioned in our blog before that we also can reduce costs for our clients by gaining more clients - we're prepared to help them as much they help us. We work on a system of the more clients the less we need to charge.

So if you want a business that puts clients at the centre of it's business model, look no further than Jambour Digital.

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