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COVID19 response

We issued a statement to our clients in mid-March outlining our strategy for dealing with the situation regarding COVID-19. 

Our concise plan shows how we plan to minimise direct contact where possible and utilise tools such as Google Meet and Zoom for video calling. These were already in place since we started using these services with clients this time last year.

We also set out our plans regarding new clients in which we stated that we would be keeping new clients to a minimum. 

Further to this, we set out a client package that we can use to assist with payments during this difficult time. Through this package, clients can put websites into a downstate meaning that they remain with us but would not have to pay monthly fees until they are back on their feet. We also recognise that several clients will be continuing business as normal, including Jambour Digital. 

We are here to help our clients remain active but more importantly safe during this tough time. 

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