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Jambour Blog

EventPanel Pro, also known as GolfPanel Pro is our first major product release. After having the absolute pleasure of developing a website for another former pupils' golf club we are delighted to have modularised the part of the website that was so sought after, the event management system.

The event management system became known as GolfPanel Pro and now as a modular component called EventPanel Pro. By modularising the original panel, we can very quickly deploy another one for a fresh website. 

eventpanel pro

One of the main new things to come to Jambour Digital's website is the Client Panel. This allows me to easily see what kinds of requests clients want.

  • The main benefits to this are that it's a single location for all requirements - easier to check on for me.
  • Everything is clean and easy to see - a real benefit for keeping organised with requirements
  • Everything is real time - I can see when a request was made and respond to it efficiently

The Client Panel also offers interaction between the developer and client - in an easy to manage way. Comments can be left to the client on their request but further to that clients can then respond to comments.


I've updated the Client Panel even further - now:

  • Emails are sent out whenever someone comments on your request or on a comment you have made.
  • Requests can now be marked as Completed
  • Uses CKEditor to format text as it is written
  • Comments are now nicely arranged
  • New Switch User functionality allows the super users to go into someone's account without the need for a password to add requests for them - this is good because whilst the system is just getting formally introduced I am still receiving email tickets - I add these manually to the Client Panel so that they are managed easily.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we will be updating websites to use my Girder framework in the next few months.

This update will modernise websites the same as I did on my own website. This makes websites perform better, respond better and become easier to update. It will take a while to do the remaining three websites, but we will do what we can to do this before the end of next month.

The Girder framework is really lightweight yet provides several features that make it ideal to develop websites, so it's really a no-brainer. 

girder framework
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