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The Anniversary Deal is a unique opportunity to celebrate us operating for one year by getting yourself a free website for six months!

What we are offering is the hosting of our next customer's website for free for 6 months. Once the website has been developed and is ready to go live, you will have 6 months of free hosting to enjoy!

Now you tell me that's not a good deal?!


This is your last chance to get free development of your website and 3 months of hosting for free too as we will stop this package at the end of the year. This includes a website of up to 5 static pages. You can take this offer and upgrade to a more expensive package later, too.

We are very proud to be able to offer this package due to a better than average year for the company, and we're looking to get more clients in the new year and expand. Remember, the more clients we get the cheaper we can make things for them!

We've recently been reviewing our hosting packages and we're happy to announce we are now offering a completely new one to new customers. The new package is extremely competitive and offers free website development for up to five pages. As well as this, we're offering three months for free as part of the package! This is one heck of a deal and is only available for the remainder of the year.

Grab it now while you can!

new 2018 website package

More and more businesses now have an online presence so it's important for your business to have one too. You may already know that Google ranks sites without mobile counterparts down in their searches, and so it may be useful to know just how to market for mobile users well.

We use the Girder framework (developed by Jamie Balfour) to deploy our websites quickly and ensure that they are mobile friendly. If you want to be ranked higher on Google, you need a mobile website! 

Get in touch to find out how much a mobile website could help you!

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